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Liga Super 2011

Terkini! Keputusan Liga Super 2011. Berikut adalah keputusan Liga Super 2011 yang telahpun berlangsung pada bertarikh 6 April 2011. Antara pasukan yang berlangsung adalah pasukan Pahang lawan pasukan Terengganu.

Berikut adalah Keputusan Liga Super 2011 6 April 2011

Pahang 1 : 2 Terengganu

Keputusan pasukan yang sebelumnya boleh lihat link ini
Keputusan Terkini Liga Super 2011 | 5 April 2011

Tahniah kepada pasukan yang menang..^^,

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  1. adus pahang kalah, malunya aku :(

  2. yeay!!!!!! terengganu menang!!!!

    abg zack jom saya banjer..hik

  3. Wayne Rooney's over head this season was just out of this world but made me think, who by and what is the best goal ever scored? What do you think? Thanks

  4. What is the best football moment you have seen at your club in terms of goal celebrations.My favorite moment as a newcastle fan was Asprillas goal celebration against metz where he got booked for using the cornerflag as a flagpole and waved his shirt on it to the newcastle fans in goal celebration.Thanks

    Whats some of your most memorable moments in the game?

  5. They cancelled that tournament. I think they replaced it with something called the 'World Football Challenge'. Some kind of preseason tournament with a couple MLS clubs vs Man U and Barça. Theyll probably make more money in one game involving Barcelona than they did the entire last season of SuperLiga. The "growth" of the Concacaf Champions League lead to the SuperLiga becoming irrelevant--not that it ever was relevant though...